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Heat treatment of Steel and Copper, Aluminum and Titanium Alloys

Σκλήρυνση Μετάλλων


SKLERO SA offers the following heat treatment procedures which are executed according to the international norms, modern literature, up to date data bases and software support:

  1. Hardening, quenching and tempering
  2. Annealing
  3. Surface induction and flame hardening
  4. Case hardening, nitrocarburizing/nitriding and boriding
  5. Heat treatment of cast iron and copper, copper and titanium alloys

SKLERO SA engineers and technicians have a wealth of experience in metallurgy and thermal processing. The technicians are trained workers with practical experience in heat treatment of steel. For the technical supervision of all the processes, the machinery and the quality control Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineers are responsible. Thus the following of the according to ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008 certification is guaranteed.



Case hardening



Case hardening in salt baths or carburizing in granulates to achieve a combination of high surface hardness with a ductile core. A suitable heat treatment for e.g. large gear wheels for power transmission, chain wheels, large parts of structural engineering machines etc. made of low carbon steels





Hardening/ Tempering



Hardening and tempering of constructional steels and tool steels in order to improve the efficiency and the service life of tools. The proper solution for high-performance cutting tools and heavily loaded shafts.




Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing and Boriding


Εναζώτωση / Βορίωση

Salt bath nitriding (QPQ-processR) for an extremely high surface hardness and very high wear resistance, while the rest of the material remains unaffected and distortion is minimized by introducing nitrogen or boron into the surface of the material. The method is recommended for injection moulds and for any high precision parts.



Induction hardening


Επαγωγική Βαφή

Surface hardening (up to 3mm hardening depth) by high frequency induction heating and quenching. Induction hardening is used to selectively harden areas of a part without affecting the properties of the part as a whole. Precision, minimization of distortion, selective and local hardening and reliability make this process ideal for large production series of middle-sized parts, such as shafts, studs, guiding columns, thin gearings, etc. made of constructional or quenched and tempered steels.





Flame hardening



Surface hardening (up to 12mm hardening depth) by flame heating and quenching. A suitable surface hardening process for large symmetric items, such as rolls, shafts, gear wheels with big modulus etc. made of constructional or quenched and tempered steels











Various annealing methods are used to improve the strength and machining properties of metallic materials and to relieve internal stresses in the workpiece or component. SKLERO SA provides all of the usual annealing methods in air recirculating furnaces, such as normalizing, diffusion annealing, stress relief annealing, recrystallisation annealing, high-temperature ferrite-pearlite annealing, ferritising and isothermal annealing as well as special annealing methods for cast components







Τεχνητή Γήρανση Αλουμινίου

Solution heat treating and artificially aging for hardness increase in aluminum alloys











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